Episode 5

Episode 5. Devin and his brother skip school and get drunk, Hunter gets setup with chick with cancer.




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3 responses to “Episode 5

  1. jthorne88

    I hold my phone using speaker while driving.

    come at me bro.

    long thin metal shaft….sounds like your prosthetic penis implanT.

    you guys should contradict each other more to provide both perspectives on the podcast.

    just a thought.

    • Thanks buddy and your right we should do that.

      • liam

        I did play hooky for a week some time before that happened, I faked sick that day though and mom knew I was home. I only remember because she called and I had to cover for you guys. you gave me my first drink, I remember it was tanqueray hence why I hate gin. I woke up naked with cat trying to keep me in the bath tub… after I apparently fell down the stairs, face first, hitting my head on every step and then I proceeded to throw up all over Justin. good times.

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